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Check out these tips for smooth filing:

File online. Homeowners earning $64,000 or less per year may file for free using an online system like the IRS FreeFile.

Claim credits. If you earned $53,930 or less in 2016, you may be eligible for an earned income tax credit of up to $6,318.

Ask for help. For federal tax help, use the IRS self-help resources. For help with your state taxes, live chat with a representative from the Franchise Tax Board.

File anyway. File your taxes even if you can’t make the full payment on time. Penalties for late payments may cost you up to 0.5% of your overdue tax bill every month past the deadline.

Apply for extension. Submit a tax extension form (IRS Form 4868) to the IRS by mail or online. Note: Your payment will still be due on April 15, although you may receive up to six months’ extension for filing.

Double-check. Review your documents for incorrect information or mathematical errors. Common mistakes include incorrect Social Security numbers and calculations.

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