Home Inspections

We’re often asked if a home inspection is required. The answer is usually no, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one done. You’re making a large investment. Having a professional inspector alert you to potential problems can save money and surprises in the long run.

There are other reasons to have a home inspections too. If the appraiser sees an apparent deficiency in the condition of the home, an underwriter may ask to see the related section of the home inspection (sometimes called the engineer’s report). In this instance, having secured an inspection up front can save you valuable time. Additionally, identifying problems early in the process may mean the seller will remedy them prior to sale.

purchasing a home with the assurance of good condition-or at least the knowledge of any potential issues-makes for more accurate pricing and cost expectations. Both of these are clearly to your benefit. By comparison, the cost of an inspection is small.

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